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Head Coach:  Dustin Foltz


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     “Esports brings out a new type of competition in the school system that has never been introduced before.  Some students who wouldn’t ever want to participate in a sport now have the opportunity to do so while representing their school and building a community on campus.”    

-Coach Dan Ungar, Weston High School, CT

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Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

Commonly asked questions by the parents of eSports students.  

  • Esports are multiplayer video games played competitively, often for spectators.  

  • From improving cognitive abilities to enhancing social skills, esports benefit competitors’ personal development in many ways. 

    • Social engagement - Learn the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork while cultivating better discipline and higher self-esteem. 
    • Cognitive improvements - Improve memory, focus, and attention while learning problem-solving skills and enhancing creativity.
    • Develop motor skills - Exercise fine motor skills and develop better hand-eye coordination and gaming performance.

    Not to mention, with the increase in popularity of esports, even some colleges are offering esports-based scholarships. 

  • Esports is currently only played at the High School level so any students grades 9 thru 12 can participate.  

  • Practice takes place several days a week, typically Tuesday thru Thursday, after school and lasts until 6 o’clock.  All students will need a ride home after practice as well.  

  • All eSports practices and competitions take place on the High School campus in Room 214.  

  • For any additional questions, please contact Dustin Foltz by email at